There is a lot of buzz around the benefits of yoga and meditation and as someone who has been practicing daily for 12 years, I can proudly say that what you hear is true.

Yoga and meditation creates an inner stillness that invites your mind to quiet and your Higher Self to shine through. It increases flexibility and builds strength in both the mind and body. It offers mental clarity, increases body awareness, relieves stress and sharpens your concentration.

If you've never tried yoga and meditation or only slightly dipped your toes in, I know from experience how intimidating it can feel. When my journey first began, I wasn't flexible in the least. Sitting in meditation for what felt like an hour had only been 5 minutes and holding some of the poses felt excruciating. But each time I showed up, I would feel another layer pulling back, tapping deeper into my heart, and feeling more connected to myself than ever before. This helped me continue to show up- day after day- for my mind, body and heart.

I personally love to teach about the energetic effects of yoga and meditation. To me, putting a why to showing up and pulling back those layers to know exactly what is happening in the body makes the practice that much more sacred. It becomes a self care/self love practice. A non-negotiable.

Join Lauren for Intro To Yoga and Meditation. We will discuss yoga philosophy and how to practice both on and off the mat. We will also cover the benefits of yoga and meditation, learn the basic poses and proper alignment of them, tap into breathwork and enjoy a short meditation.

The intention is that you walk away feeling more connected to body and spirit and experience a calmness in your mind that shows you firsthand how incredible these practices are.

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