Half Moon Yoga Virtual Studio is a space for you to create magic both on and off your mat.

Workshops, retreats and classes specially curated for you in support on your wellness journey.

Whether you are new to yoga and mindfulness or a long time practicing student, this virtual community will have something for you.

Hi, I’m Lauren

Hey Friends!

I am a 300 Hour Trauma Certified Yoga Teacher, 200 Hour Mindfulness Teacher, Reiki Master, Sound Healer and Breathwork Facilitator. 
I believe movement is medicine. 
And I believe that stillness is also medicine. 
When we can marry the two, we have a beautiful potion to assist us in peeling back the layers of the stories we carry, the thoughts of who we think we should be and who we think we need to be and instead, remember who we are. 

My journey began in 2012 as a Personal Trainer. My vision was to help women set goals based off of how they desired to feel. We didn't set weight or strength goals but instead our focus was on creating a life that felt truly aligned with who we are. 
Unfortunately, my vision was not in alignment with how a corporate gym would want me to operate, but fortunately I learned a lot along the way which led me on my own Spiritual Journey. 

Throughout my time as a Personal Trainer I gained so much hands on experience to see how the body holds on to trauma, stuck emotions and stagnant energy. When these things are not properly dealt with, they will eventually manifest in many different ways through the body and our personal triggers. It was at this time that I became thirsty for knowledge on how to heal and connect to yourself on a really deep, powerful, yet gentle approach. 

Here we are 12 years later and I have made it my dharma to assist people in finding their Divine Self. Creating home within. 

Whether you are local to my beautiful yoga studio, Half Moon Yoga in Medina, OH, or not, I have curated a variety of offers to help you find the magic of the body and mind to live an embodied, present and empowered life. 

I offer in person classes, workshops and retreats as well as virtual classes and workshops. I also work 1:1 with individuals in a coaching style setting for deeper support. 

Any questions please email me [email protected]